Form Generating PDF 3.6.7 – WordPress plugin

Form Generating PDF will send an PDF attachment filled with form users data, to admin or users or both, after the users registration on forms, it’s easy and it has the most unique features, that cannot be found on any existing plugins on the market.

  • Works On All Form Elements
    Our plugin detect all sort of input types such as: text, email, radio, checkbox, select, textarea, date, number, tel, time, url, etc.
  • Upload Your own PDF template
    You can use your own pdf template document.
  • Multiple Page & Custom fonts
    You can use multiple page document, and also you can change font style.
  • Easy Admin Panel
    You can do all the work in less than five minutes.
  • Low Cost
    Buying the plugin will relieve from dealing with a lot of transaction with developers and designers.
  • Can work alongside with other plugins
    Our plugin doesn’t interfere with other plugins, so you can use any sort of form builder plugin or whatever, it won’t be a problem.